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The Golden Circle tour covers three of the most famous attractions in Iceland.
These Include, Geysir a world famous erupting geothermal hotspring, Gullfoss one of Icelands most magnificent waterfalls and the historic Þingvellir National Park. The Golden Circle day tour is an essential trip for anyone visiting Iceland.

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Geysir is a large geothermal area in Iceland with multiple hotsprings including the famous geyser Strokkur who erupts every 5-10 minutes and shoots hot water 20 meters up in the air. This natural phenomenon and display of volcanic power is truly amazing. Surely a sight that can't be missed for anyone visiting Iceland. It is also the first known geyser to be mentioned in print, thus the english word geyser comes from the word Geysir

The Geyser Strokkur in the middle of an eruption on a cold afternoon in Iceland


Gullfoss (Golden falls) is one of Icelands most majestic waterfalls. This powerfull waterfall originates in the Langjökull glacier and gets it name from the goldish hue it gives off as it tumbles downward into the canyon. On many occasions multiple rainbows can be observed dancing across the top of this magnificent sight. Gullfoss also has an amazing history that involves investors trying to harness its awesome power and one girl's efforts to preserve the nature.

The magnificent Gullfoss waterfall seen from above


Þingvellir National Park (Thingvellir) is Icelands most historic site as this is where the worlds first parliament was established by the vikings in 930 AD. The Þingvellir area is also a natural treasure. Take a walk between the American and Eurasian tectonic plates and witness the magnificent lava formation. Þingvellir is also a popular spot for snorkling and diving as the crystal clear fissures offer a once in lifetime experience.

Walk path between the tectonic plates in Þingvellir national park


Kerið is a volcanic crater that is often visited as an addition on the Golden Circle tour. The Kerið caldera was formed 3000 years ago and is about 55m deep (180 ft). You can walk around it or venture down to it. It's beautiful sight and a great addition to the Golden Circle if time allows. The express and combo tours don't always have time to stop at this sight.

Kerid has a deep blue caldera surrounded by red rocks and beautiful lava formations

The Golden Circle Route

The Golden Circle is a 300 KM route that departs from Reykjavik and makes stops at Þingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss. All stops include a visitor center where you can grab snacks, get souvenirs and use the facilities. On many occasions extra stops are made at Kerið (a volcanic crater) or at local farms where guests can interact with the Icelandic horse and taste some of the local produce.

Driving directions for the Golden Circle from Reykjavik


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