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We at GetLocal are dedicated to helping travellers from around the world have the best experience while visiting Iceland. The company was founded by a group of seasoned travellers who know how hard it is to find a truly local experience.


Emil Emilsson

Head of Operations

Emil is an experienced manager in marketing and software development with such companies as Coca Cola, Össur, and Teymi (now Advania). He has also been an active private investor in Iceland and has served on the board of several large companies in real estate development. Ask him anything about the Snæfellsnes peninsula, the best fly-fishing spots in Iceland, or golf.

Einar Þór Gústafsson

Head of Product & Business development

As part of his role leading product teams in the tourism and finance industries, Einar has flown more than 600.000 km and visited over 80 cities in 30 countries in the last few years. Everywhere he goes he tries to discover new and local experiences and can easily provide you with a list of the world’s best coffee shops and dining experiences.

Alison MacNeil

Head of Content Marketing

Alison has lived in Iceland for 18 years, but has also become local in other cities including Berlin, Paris, and Halifax (in Canada where she grew up). She lives a double life as a techie and a musician. She’s a fixture of the Reykjavik music scene and will be able to tell you without any difficulty where to buy vinyl records or guitar strings in just about any city in Europe or North America.


About GetLocal

GetLocal is a registered Information Office by the Icelandic tourist BoardGetLocal is a fully licensed booking office by the Icelandic Tourist Board There is no better way to experience a new city than to have people on the ground who have lived there showing you around. With their help, you find all the gems that a casual tourist might not find on their own.

GetLocal was started by some avid travellers who felt that tourists needed to get a more local feel to the advice when visiting Iceland (and abroad) without sacrificing the type of customer service and high-quality products that they were accustomed to building in their many years of combined experience in software and website development. The result is what you have on this site - quality tours with great writing and photography and excellent customer service.

Our mission is to bring you the best experience that you can have when booking tours and to help you to find the exact experience that you want to have with the help of people who have been living here for years. A truly local experience.

GetLocal is registered in Iceland as Nimius ehf., corporate id: 671016-0680, vat # 126151, and is a fully licenced information and booking office by the Icelandic Tourist Board



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