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There is no better way to experience a new location than to get local advice from someone you can trust. With local advice and recommendations, you can find hidden gems and have a better experience.


Getlocal is an Icelandic TravelTech startup founded by some seasoned travellers who know how hard it is to find good local advice from people they can trust and have  similar tastes and interests. Our mission is to bring together travellers and locals in order to help travellers have the best experience by finding advice and recommendation from similar people.

Emil Emilsson

Head of Operations

Emil is an experienced manager in marketing and software development with such companies as Coca Cola, Össur, and Teymi (now Advania). He has also been an active private investor in Iceland and has served on the board of several large companies in real estate development. Ask him anything about the Snæfellsnes peninsula, the best fly-fishing spots in Iceland, or golf.

Einar Þór Gústafsson

Head of Product & Business development

As part of his role leading product teams in the tourism and finance industries, Einar has flown more than 600.000 km and visited over 80 cities in 30 countries in the last few years. Everywhere he goes he tries to discover new and local experiences and can easily provide you with a list of the world’s best coffee shops and dining experiences.

Sam Daniels

Content Management / Local Expert

Sam is a London born writer/poet, ruled by an insane wanderlust and a passion for walking barefoot in the grass. Though he grew up in South London he has made his home in various locations around the UK but has now made his way to Iceland to start a whole new chapter. His greatest weakness' include: his inability to resist a great pun and a good cup of tea. You will often find him walking about the streets of Reykjavik looking for poetical inspiration in the street art and history of the capital or just as likely looking for some crazy new adventure to get mixed up in. He is the guy to ask for the best sights and experiences found off the beaten path.


Viktoria Komjati

Social Media Marketing / Local Expert

Viktoria has recently been travelling around Europe, most of the time with only a single backpack and a tent. Hiking on Iceland's less known paths and volunteering on farms have led her to decide to settle down in the country. Her strong traveller mindset is coupled with a wide range of knowledge of locals and bloggers. She is a one stop shop for all the best information about the Icelandic wilderness, she knows a myriad of hidden treasures and will surely surprise you with some of her lesser-known secrets.

About GetLocal

GetLocal is a registered Information Office by the Icelandic tourist BoardGetLocal is a fully licensed booking office by the Icelandic Tourist Board Getlocal is an Icelandic startup in travel technology and a licenced booking office. Our goal is to bring you the best experience that you can have when booking tours and to help you to find the exact experience that you want to have with the help of people who have been living here for years.

GetLocal is registered in Iceland as Getlocal ehf., corporate id: 671016-0680, vat # 126151, and is a fully licenced information and booking office by the Icelandic Tourist Board



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