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Explore Iceland like a proper Viking - on horseback!

Horseback riding is offered all over Iceland from a number of stables and it might surprise you to learn that many of these stables are as little as a 30 minute drive from Reykjavik. Riding time can vary from as little as 1 hour to multi day treks that can test the skills of even the most seasons riders.

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Horseback Riding

The Icelandic horse is a source of great pride for Icelanders as the breed goes back for more than a thousand years. The horses that live in the countryside of Iceland today can trace their heritage back to the original horses brought to the country by the vikings.This beautiful and unique animal has been credited for the survival of the Icelandic people and they have adapted in unique ways over many centuries in a harsh climate.

The Icelandic horse is a very gentle breed

The Icelandic horse is a gentle breed with some special skills that make the art of riding them much smoother and more enjoyable than on other breeds. No new horse breeds have been imported to Iceland over the whole span of Icelandic written history and any horses that leave the country are not able to return.

With a their unique fifth gait, known as the 'Tölt', you will feel like you are gliding along the landscapes. This gait is special because at least one hoof is always in contact with the ground and it has long been lost in other European breeds. This means the Icelandic horse is very sought after by breeders worldwide.

You will find the Icelandic horse all around Iceland

It only takes a few minutes to reach the countryside from the city of Reykjavik where many of the tours are operated. Most of the farms are small family-run businesses, so you’ll get a taste of Icelandic family life in addition to your trip on horseback.

Experienced guides and riders will take you through riding paths surrounded by the amazing Icelandic nature. You can explore coastlines, cross rivers, and ride up mountains in a tour that is suited to your level of ability. Many stables will have multiple routes pre-planned and specially designed for different people of different riding skills.


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