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Great travel company!

"Best service experienced in all my years of travelling....helpful, kind & nice people working there!! Thanks again, I have taken wonderful tours in Iceland:)"

Diana (from Italy)

It was great!!

"Fantastic prices and customer service for tours Viktoria and Einar did a fantastic job helping us with any questions that we had. Took Afternoon Golden Circle tour in Iceland. "

Carolyn (from the USA)

Best service!

"I used them on 2 different occasions and both agents were friendly, knowledgeable, and recommended excellent tours. Definitely the place to go!"

Lori (from the USA)

Very recommended!

"Best and most patient customer service ever! Getlocal spent a long time with us explaining and recommending tours, even called tour companies to check for hiking boot renting for our kids. "

Kinga (from Denmark)

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