Getlocal privacy policy

Our service allows locals to share their recommendations and allows others such as travellers to find locals and view their recommendations. Locals are responsible for the recommendations they post on the Getlocal platform and the Getlocal websites. Getlocal will not take responsibility and can not be held responsible for information provided by registered locals. If information that is posted infringes with our privacy policy we will remove the information and disable the local’s profile

For us to be able to provide good service and help with matching of people with similar tastes and interest we will be collecting data that you provide us with, either directly or through linked accounts. We do promise to treat all information provided to us with respect and we will not sell or give away this information. We will try to find products and services that fit the needs of our customers and the data collected might be used for that purpose.

If you decide not to use our service any more and delete your account we will remove all of the information we have stored.

3rd party tools and cookies

To ensure the best experience when using our site we will store some information in a cookie, we also use 3rd party tools such as Google Analytics and Clicky to measure the use on our site and to analyze what we can do to improve. 

Changes to this privacy policy

Changes to this policy will be made and new versions will be posted on this same URL on our website.