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Bus pick up’s in Reykjavik, the Get Local guide

Staying in central Reykjavik? Want to go on a totally awesome day trip or day tour? Want an easily accessible pick up point? Of course you do!

Whether you are in a hotel, guesthouse or even an airBnB there are thirteen centrally located pick up points across the downtown area of Reykjavik that will act as the starting point for your Icelandic adventures.

The good news is, we have taken all the stress out of finding the best pick up point for you! Check out our guide below.

People who are staying outside of downtown Reykjavik can in most cases get pick up directly at your hotel or guesthouse, Airbnb guest need to find the nearest hotel or pick up point. If in doubt do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to help!

Bus stop 1: Ráðhúsið (City Hall)

Perfect for people staying down in the plaza area! The pickup spot is located right on front of the main entrance opposite from the pond so don’t confuse them with the other entrances that are located on the side of the building.

Stop number 1 is the ideal choice if you are staying in:

  • Chez Monique
  • Embassy Luxury Apartments
  • Hotel Hilda
  • Hotel Reykjavík Centrum
  • Kvosin Hotel
  • Guesthouse Baldursbrá on Tjarnargata 46

Bus stop 1 Ráðhúsið city hall

Bus stop 2: Tjörnin (the pond)

If you find yourself waking up to stunning vistas of the city pond then there is a good chance you will be close to this stop!

Stop number 2 is the ideal choice if you are staying in:

  • Ambassade Apartments
  • Castle House Luxury Apartments
  • Central Guesthouse
  • Hótel Holt
  • Luna Hotel Apartments

Bus stop 2 the pond

Bus stop 3: Lækjargata

A stop located in the middle of the downtown, just off Lækjartorg square close to the Hard Rock cafe and famous sandwich place Jómfrúin.

Stop number 3 is the ideal choice if you are staying in:

  • 1912 Guesthouse
  • Apotek Hotel
  • Centric Guesthouse
  • Hotel Borg

Bus stop 3 lækjargata

Bus stop 4: Tryggvagata

This stop is on the west end of downtown, closer to the old harbour and west side of town. 

Stop number 4 is the ideal choice if you are staying in:

  • 3 Sisters Guesthouse
  • Álfhóll Guesthouse
  • Black Pearl
  • Butterfly Guesthouse
  • Centerhotel Plaza
  • Central Apartments
  • City Center Hotel
  • Gallery Central Guesthouse
  • Hotel Metropolitan
  • House Of Spirits
  • Lighthouse Apartments
  • Ocean Comfort Apartments
  • Planet Apartments
  • Radisson Blu 1919
  • Reykjavik Downtown Hostel

Bus stop 4 Tryggvagata

Bus stop 5: Harpa

Harpa is the beautiful concert hall building down on the waterfront and is an ideal place to set your pickup if you plan to explore this area ahead of your trip! 

Stop number 5 is the ideal choice if you are staying in:

  • Centerhotel Arnarhvoll

Bus stop 5 Harpa

Bus stop 6: Safnahús (the culture house)

Located right next to Arnarhóll, the scenic hill overlooking the harbour and the Harpa. The culture house is ideal for those staying at the bottom end of the main streets Laugavegur and Hverfisgata.

Bus stop 6 is ideal if you are staying in:

  • 101 Hótel
  • Apartment K (Hverfisgata 14, Ingólfsstræti 1a, Skólastræti 1, Þingholtsstræti 2-4)
  • Centerhotel Þingholt
  • Loft Hostel
  • Luna Hotel Apartments on Amtmanssstígur

Bus stop 6 Safnahúsið

Bus stop 7: Traðarkot

This is the best stop for all the centrally located hotels and guesthouses! This stop serves a lot of accommodations so keep in mind that a que might form during peak hours.

Stop number 7 is the ideal choice if you are staying in:

  • 101 Skuggi Guesthouse
  • 41 – A Townhouse Hotel
  • Alfred's Studios
  • Apartment 37
  • Apartment K (Bergstaðastræti 12, Bergstaðastræti 3, Hverfisgata 37, Laugavegur 46, Lindargata 60)
  • Apartments Aurora
  • Black Tower
  • Canopy Reykjavík
  • Centerhotel Klöpp
  • Centerhotel Skjaldbreið
  • Domus Guesthouse
  • Gray Tower
  • Guesthouse Óðinn
  • Guesthouse Turninn
  • Hótel Frón
  • Ísland Apartments
  • Luna Hotel Apartments on Laugavegur 37
  • Old Charm Reykjavik Apartments
  • Rey Apartments
  • Reykjavik Residence Hotel
  • Reykjavik Residence Suites
  • Reykjavik4you Apartments on Bergstaðastræti 12
  • Room With A View
  • Sand Hotel
  • The Swan House Reykjavik Apartments

Bus stop 7 Traðarkort

Bus stop 8: Hallgrimskirkja (the church)

This stop will be hard to miss, especially since the church can be seen from almost any point in the city! Alternatively this makes for a great pick up point for people who want to do some city sightseeing before their tour! The pickup spot is located on the right side of the church closer to the Einar Jónsson sculpture garden.

Stop number 8 is the ideal choice if you are staying in:

  • Eric The Red Guesthouse
  • Forsæla Apartments
  • Gest Inn
  • Guesthouse Aurora
  • Hostel B47
  • Hotel Leifur Eiríksson
  • Hotel Óðinsvé
  • Inga's New Guest Apartments
  • Loki 101 Guesthouse
  • Luna Hotel Apartments on Baldursgata 36 and Bergþórugata 23
  • Mengi Apartments
  • Our House Guesthouse
  • SUNNA Guesthouse
  • Villa Guesthouse

Bus stop 8 Hallgrimskirkja

Bus stop 9: Snorrabraut

Currentlyl located on the corner of Snorrabraut and Laugavegur this stop is very close to the stop on Hlemmur square and is really only used by one fine hotel at the moment.

Stop number 9 is the ideal choice if you are staying in:

  • Skuggi Hotel

Bus stop 9 Snorrabraut

Bus stop 10: Hlemmur

This stop is right next to Hlemmur square, the central bus terminal for the city and food hall. This is great stop for people who need to take a bus from the suburbs and travel into the city for their pick up.

Stop number 10 is the ideal choice if you are staying in: 

  • 100 Iceland Hotel
  • 101 Guesthouse
  • 4th Floor Hotel
  • Alda Hotel Reykjavik
  • Alfred's Apartments
  • Apartment K (Laugavegur 74 and Laugavegur 85-86)
  • City Comfort Apartments
  • Guesthouse Von
  • Heida's Home
  • Hlemmur Apartments
  • Hlemmur Square
  • Luna Hotel Apartments on Laugavegur 86
  • OK Hotel
  • Reykjavik4you Apartments on Laugavegur 85
  • Stay Apartments on Laugavegur 139

Bus stop 10 Hlemmur

Bus stop 11: Austurbær

Located just a few steps away from Hlemmur square this stop is located right in front of Austurbær, an old theater and music hall.

Stop number 11 is the ideal choice if you are staying in: 

  • Grettisborg Apartments
  • Guesthouse Reykjavik 101
  • Guesthouse Snorri
  • Luna Hotel Apartments on Grettisgata 53b
  • Reykjavik Hostel Village
  • Stay Apartments Grettisgata

Bus stop 11 Austurbær

Bus stop 12: Höfðatorg

This is the stop up in the north east side of the city, close to a few big hotels and a few Airbnb's.

Stop number 12 is the ideal choice if you are staying in: 

  • Fosshótel Reykjavík
  • Storm Hotel

Bus stop 12 Höfðatorg

BSI bus terminal

BSI is a large bus stop and taxi stand. Currently serving as a main departure location for the flybus (airport transport) and many other day tours.

the BSI is the ideal choice if you are staying in: 

  • 27Soley
  • Guesthouse Anna
  • Guesthouse Baldursbrá on Laufásvegur 41
  • Guesthouse Galtafell
  • Guesthouse Lena
  • Travel Inn

Using this guide you will be able to find the nearest pickup point for your downtown hotels and of course when you come to see us in store we will assist you in finding the best place for the tours to pick you up!

The lists above are only a rough guide. We have also assembled this nifty map which you can use to try and find the nearest pickup location for wherever you are staying.

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