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4 minute read01 May 2017

The Reykjavik City Card - Explore the city your own way

Visiting a new city for the first time can be a daunting experience, not least of all because of all the amazing new experiences that you want to have in the shockingly small amount of time that you have to experience them. Thankfully, we think we have the answer to all your prayers.

Reykjavik is a city absolutely packed full of amazing culture as well as history and it is happy to offer all these things up to you on a silver platter. After all there is nothing Icelanders love more than hearing all about what other people think about Iceland. However as a visitor to the city, it can be very intimidating to plan what you want to do, how you are going to get there, and how much it will cost…

So let’s make it simple.

The Reykjavik City Card

The city card is a gateway to all of the best attractions in Reykjavik. It gives you the flexibility to travel between them all in your own time. The cards come in 24, 48 and 72 hour varieties and while they are active they will allow you not only access to the attractions on offer but also free travel on the Strætó busses in the capitol area to get you there.

Reykjavik city museums

First and foremost the city card gives you access to the Reykjavik city museums. These include the Reykjavik art museum, The Reykjavik city museumThe Reykjavik museum of photography, The Settlement Exhibition, The Árbær open air museum and The Maritime museum to name a few!

It is worth noting that privately owned museums are not included in the card nor are museums in the surrounding districts - only the capital area. It is also worth noting that certain days like “Culture day” offer free entry to everybody although these are not very common.

These museums are the definitive way to immerse yourself in the history of Reykjavik and see how the city has grown. The museums will generally offer different sets of opening times in Winter and Summer so be sure check out the times before you visit!

The National Gallery and National Museum

Also included on top of the previously mentioned museums is entry into the National gallery, which showcases artwork from both overseas as well as Icelandic art, and also the National Museum, where you can learn about the birth of the Icelandic nation.

Again, bear in mind that opening times can vary during the year and in this case both of these attractions close on Mondays during the Winter season.

Geothermal pools in the city

Also included in the cost of your city card is entry into 7 of the geothermal pools across the capital. These experiences range from open air pools with accompanying hot pots to more luxurious leisure centre type places with spa and sauna options. Whichever one you choose you are in for a great experience or an amazing way to unwind and relax after a long day of zipping about the city!

For a little more information on Icelandic swimming pool experiences look here.

The ferry to Viðey Island

Viðey Island is a short ferry ride off the coast of Reykjavik and offers a wealth of amazing experiences that City Card holders can see for free. You will be able to see some amazing art installations here such as the Imagine Peace Tower from Yoko Ono or the Milestones Project by Richard Serra.

The area also houses examples of architectural brilliance since it is home to one of the oldest churches in the country and the first Icelandic building to be constructed with stone. For those who love scenery the Island also has a number of trails you can go on by either foot or bike offering gorgeous views of the surrounding mainland and the Snæfellsness peninsula.

Please note however that during the winter these ferries only travel on the weekends!

The Family Park and Zoo

For families or animal lovers the city card will also get you into the Family Park and Zoo. Located in Laugardalur as well as a lush natural landscape you will be able to see a variety of animals like foxes, seals, reindeer, mink and various other farm animals.

You can also find a recreation park here that has fun amusement park attractions ranging from a carousel to boats that you can ride across the water. There is even a frisbee golf course that spans across the whole park!

Find out more about that in this article: The Reykjavik Park and Zoo.  

And much more!

In addition to all the things listed, the card will also get you a plethora of discounts in various restaurants, shops and tours! So as you can see there are tonnes of adventures to be had in Reykjavik and with the city card in hand you have the key to unlocking all these experiences.

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