Viktória Komjáti

Viktoria has recently been travelling around Europe, most of the time with only a single backpack and a tent. Hiking on Iceland's less known paths and volunteering on farms have led her to decide to settle down in the country.  

2 minute read08 Sep 2017

Eldborg is one of the most stunning volcanos in Iceland

There are about 130 volcanoes in Iceland but most of them look like regular mountains. Only a few have the classic volcano shape and Eldborg is probably one of the most stunning of them all.

The name Eldborg translates to english as Fire Castle. Eldborg is a dormant volcano today but it's most active period is dated back to 5000-8000 years ago when a 32 square kilometers area got covered by a thick layer of lava. The latest eruption in this spatter cone happened around twelve hundred years ago and was actually mentioned in the Book of Settlement in Iceland.

The perfectly symmetric, oval formed crater is 50 meters deep but 200 meters is diameter. Walking on the surface of this majestic natural creature makes you feel like it was almost fresh. Unbelievable colours and lava formations everywhere!

Eldborg is easily accessible by a 2 hour drive from Reykjavík. There is a 2,5 km long walking path that leads up and around the crater and best accessed from a walking path starting near Snorrastaðir. Unmissable stopover on the way to Snaefellsness peninsula!

You can find close to road 54, GPS co-ordinates: N64° 47' 46.523" W22° 19' 20.593"

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