Hiking and running

  • Esjan

    Esjan is a popular mountain amongst locals to go for a hike as it’s just a 20 minute drive from Reykjavík. The trail is actually fairly easy so you’ll do fine with sneakers. It shouldn’t take more than a hour or two to get to “the Rock” so pretty much anyone should be able to go. The view of Reykjavík from the top is great.

    Esjan, Iceland

  • Úlfarsfell

    An easy hike, perfect for kids and walking small dogs. Great scenic view over Reykjavik and pretty easy to get to by bus or car

    Úlfarsfell, Iceland

  • Grótta Island Lighthouse, Seltjarnarnes, Iceland

    Seltjarnarnes is my old home town so I try to run through there every chance I get. The end of the peninsula is where you find the old lighthouse but also black sand beaches and plenty of birdlife.

    Iceland, Gróttuviti, Seltjarnarnes, Iceland

  • Fossvogsdalur

    On longer runs I will usually go through this valley, it has nice trails and is fairly large. I usually make my way through Nauthólsvík and run by the airport and by the beach. Might even venture into Öskjuhlíð for some trail running.

    Fossvogsdalur, Reykjavík, Iceland


Einar Þór Gústafsson Reykjavík, Iceland


Espresso and whisky drinking foodie that likes run up mountains and swim in the cold ocean. Co-founder of Getlocal