Beautiful hidden gems in Reykjavík area

  • Grótta Island Lighthouse, Seltjarnarnes, Iceland

    On the edge of the Reykjavík peninsula there is a small town called Seltjarnarnes. What makes this location unique is the fascinating panorama in almost every direction. During sunset, you will surely experience a memorable coastal walk. Seltjarnarnes is also known for Grótta lighthouse, a popular spot for northern lights hunters during the winter season. Less known for the teeny-tiny hot pot on the seacoast. Even though it's really just a footbath, it's still amazing! GPS coordinates of the hot pot: 64.1624° N, 22.0083° W

    Address: Iceland, Gróttuviti, Seltjarnarnes, Iceland

    Hours: Open today: Open 24 hours

    Phone: +354 595 9100


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Viktoria Komjati Reykjavík, Iceland


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