Beautiful hidden gems in Reykjavík area

  • Geldinganes

    Geldinganes is one of the largest islands in the Faxaflói bay. I hadn't heard about it before so visiting it was just a sudden afternoon idea, but ended up as a great adventure. Walking over the narrow passage to this inhabited island feels like leaving the city far behind and facing the wilderness. Moreover, it’s like travelling in time: there is an abandoned shipwreck on the shore! Unmissable settings for photographers, especially during sunset. There is a JetSki rental here for the adventurers GPS coordinates of the ship wreck: 64°09'39.9"N 21°47'47.0"W

    Address: Geldinganes, ~, Iceland

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Viktoria Komjati Reykjavík, Iceland


Blogger, traveller, outdoor adventurer. Hungarian, based in Iceland.